How Much Does a Therapist Make?

There are many types of therapy that students can choose to specialize in and these factors must be considered when asking “how much does a therapist make?”

how much does a therapist make

Details and Benefits Of A Therapy Degree

Students can choose to pursue bachelor’s degrees that will prepare them to become occupational therapists, physical therapists or mental health professionals. Most of these professions also require a master’s degree for students to pursue a relevant career. Students who pursue an online therapy degree program should not only focus on their therapy degree, but should also determine if they can find work opportunities that will give students relevant on-the-job training that will allow them to seamlessly transition into a therapy career. Therapy schools prepare students to treat patients who are either suffering from physical or mental and emotional difficulties, depending on the specialization that the student chooses. Students who attend a top school for a therapy undergraduate or graduate program are the most likely find a better position. They will need to make sure that they find schools that are accredited and that have reputable therapy degree programs. Some of the best schools for a physical therapy degree include Utica College, Penn Foster and the University of Phoenix.

How Much Does A Therapist Make? Details About Therapy Salaries

So, exactly how much does a therapist make?  Those with a therapy degree will earn a therapist salary that is based on experience and performance. The salary will also be based on the therapist’s specialties. A physical therapist can expect to earn a median income of $76,310, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. An occupational therapist can expect to earn $72,320 and a psychologist can expect to earn $68,640. The pay is also based on location. For example, physical therapists in California can expect to earn $86,890. Hopefully this article has helped answer your question, “how much does a therapist make?”