Top 10 Best Online Therapy Degree Programs

top 10 best online therapy degree programsThere are many routes an aspiring therapist might take to practice in their field, and online therapy degree programs are a logical choice if you desire flexibility while pursuing your degree. All of these routes require a minimum of a Master’s degree in a therapy related field, and many therapists find it beneficial to pursue a Doctorate to advance in their careers. One thing is certain, all therapists must have a Master’s degree and that’s where this list comes in. Below are ten of the top schools offering online Master’s degrees that lend themselves toward the therapy profession.

Ranking The Top 10 Therapy Programs Online

The schools listed here are ordered not in terms of quality but in terms of degree selection. Some schools offering an online therapy degree have an extremely wide selection and some an extremely narrow selection. The schools with a wide selection are listed first to give the reader a sense for what sorts of degrees are out there, and where they might be found. The list then proceeds, listing schools as the selection of programs narrows. In some cases, the highest quality schools also have the most narrow selection. In the end it all depends on what you are looking for in your school, and what online therapy degree programs you are interested in. All schools are regionally accredited, however other accreditations vary from school to school.

Capella University

Summary: Capella is one of the rising stars of online education. With competitive rates and a huge variety of programs, versatility is one of the hallmarks of this school. If there is a specific program you are looking for, chances are they have it at Capella. This school offers many degrees in both Counseling and Psychology proper, giving future therapists a multitude of specialized options to choose from.

Programs: M.S. Marriage and Family Counseling/Therapy, M.S. General Mental Health Counseling, M.S. Child and Adolescent Development, M.S. Clinical Psychology, M.S. Counseling Psychology, M.S. General Psychology, M.S. Sport Psychology

Tuition: $430/Credit

Walden University

Summary: Walden University has been one of the major players in online higher education since the beginning. The University’s reputation in the online education community is good, and the online therapy degree program selection is given variety by the ability to specialize in many different areas of study. Their M.S. in Psychology program offers large variety of specializations for the student choose from.

Programs and Specializations: M.S. in Clinical Psychology, M.S. in Psychology, Applied Psychology, General Psychology, Health Psychology, Organizational Psychology.

Tuition: 410/Quarter Credit Hour

University of Massachusetts

Summary: The University of Massachusetts is one of the most recognizable names in public higher education. This institution has been developing their online education and is beginning to rival online only schools in the variety of courses offered, with the added benefit of the well established reputation of the university backing the degrees.

Programs: MEd. School Counseling, M.S. in Family Therapy, M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling, M.S. in Mental Health Counseling.

Tuition: $475/Credit

University of the Rockies

Summary: The University of the Rockies is an up and comer in the world of online education. The University offers a wide variety of specializations within the M.A. in Psychology. The tuition is in the middle to high range for online courses, but if the university seems like a good fit, the price is worth it.

Programs and Specializations: M.A. Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy,  General Psychology, Mental Health Counseling, Sport and Performance Psychology.

Tuition: $726/Credit

Northcentral University

Summary: Northcentral is one of the highest quality online only schools in the business. Their M.A. in Psychology offers a fair amount of specializations. Tuition is in the middle to high range but the high quality of the faculty experienced not only in their field but also the online education medium makes this school as strong a choice as any on the  list.

Programs and Specializations: M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy, M.A. Psychology, General Psychology, Health Psychology.

Tuition: $675/Credit

Grand Canyon University

Summary: Grand Canyon University is a small Christian liberal arts university that offers a few good psychology and counseling programs for those looking for a Christian perspective in the field. The university has been offering courses online for some years now and is one of the only Christian universities to do so.

Programs and Specializations: M.S. in General Psychology, M.S. in Professional Counseling, General Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Tuition: $495/Credit

Wake Forest University

Summary: Wake Forest University is new to online education and they’ve started their program by offering a strong online therapy degree program that is potentially a great choice for many aspiring therapists. The reputation of this school is extremely high, ranked #25 by U.S. News and World Report. There isn’t much variety here, but the quality is sure to be through the roof.

Programs: M.A. in Counseling-Clinical Mental Health

Tuition: $33,000/yr

University of Liverpool

Summary: The University of Liverpool is one of many universities worldwide paving the way in online distance education. They do not have as wide a selection as some, but The University of Liverpool is one of the most respected universities in Britain and one of the largest research universities as well. Their programs meet all requirements to practice in their intended fields.

Programs: M.S. Applied Psychology

Tuition: £14,850/yr

Sacred Heart University

Summary: A well established Catholic university, Sacred Heart has begun offering online programs in various fields including Psychology. The selection isn’t as prolific as some other online universities but the reputation and quality of the program they do offer is very high.

Programs: M.S. Applied Psychology

Tuition: $700/Credit

Post University

Summary: For those that wish to practice therapy with a Master’s level education Post offers an interesting program. Coupled with the all online nature of their online programs and Post’s history of providing quality education, their programs are definitely worth considering, even if there is not a large selection. The tuition is more than reasonable and very competitive when comparing it against that of other universities.

Programs: Master of Human Services with Clinical Counseling concentration.

Tuition: $20,000/whole program